Who we are

The owners of q plus q have a lot in common, so the entry into the industry for both involved a part-time job as an interviewer. While Antje Zottl took over the management of a test studio in the Rhine-Main area in 1990 and studied the markets of the new federal states at the same time, Melanie von Richthofen in Mainz and Pamplona / Spain studied journalism. After graduation she also worked as a studio leader in Wiesbaden. Antje Zottl switched to project management with direct customer service. Melanie von Richthofen later took the same route. The mixture of social competence, experience in customer service and organization of operational work in the field helps to understand complex issues as well as in the conception and implementation of various projects. Through many years of work in project management and the management of national and international studies, both have extensive experience in all types of tests and methods of classical market research.

During her computer science studies, Ursula Schneider started in 1992 as a freelancer in the evaluation department of a market research institute. Since January 2016, she has been strengthening the team of q plus q and is responsible for recruiting subjects, building and maintaining our databases, and conducting studies.


Ursula Schneider
Projekt Manager

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